To Re-Glaze or not to Re-Glaze – That is the Question!

spiral-balance-sliding-sash-wooden-windowsMany properties across the country have sash windows which are a beautiful sight to see.  But with them being traditional, they are double glazed and therefore have a little issue with heat loss.  But never fear.  This is not the case with general timber sash windows.

Timber Sash Windows

The first thing to do to prevent heat loss is replace the single glazing with double glazing which will immediately warm your room and your house.  They will trap heat when you turn the heating on or light the fire and they will also prevent the drafts from entering from around the sides of your windows.  Though a little more expensive, what would benefit you even more is not by having your single glazed windows double glazed, but instead by having new sash windows fitted.  This is a much more efficient method in the long run of insulating your house.  This is down to the distance between the two panes of glass which should be minimal if the insulation is to be greater.  It is impossible for the distance between the two glass panes to be as small in re-glazed windows than it is to with new double glazed sash windows due to the inert gas which is between the two panes, improving energy efficiency.  This is usually Argon.

The Lifespan of the Wooden Window

A huge proportion of people wanting to replace or re-glaze their wooden windows, have properties from the 19th and 20th century, which makes it obvious how long timber windows can last for.  Yes, they need a little looking after through painting or varnishing, in order to avoid them rotting.  But with a little love from you now and again, they will return the favour and efficiently keep you warm and draft free for many decades to come.  This is a huge difference to that of uPVC windows which will last around only 10 years.

Wooden Doors and Oracle Window Solutions

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