Want to add Period Features to your Home?


Focal point fireplace

Add focus and character to any room in your house by creating a focal fireplace – they are both functional and practical but they don’t have to be expensive to recreate this effect.  You can buy fully restored ones or fireplaces that make a great DIY project if you have the time or inclination to do so.  But as a less time consuming project, perhaps painting a pine fireplace could be the perfect compromise for you.


Wooden Windows

No one likes ugly windows and that’s why we love wooden windows so much.  Not only are they environmentally friendly and great for trapping heat but they are also the most beautiful windows you will find.  Yes, UPVC casement windows are cheaper, but wooden windows can alter the feeling of a house, both internally and externally, making it a home, whist adding to sales prices and making your home more energy efficient in the process.


Wooden Doors

On the subject of appearance, your doors are one of the first things that a visitor or potential buyer will notice first, so it is definitely worth spending the time and money on getting these right.  Wooden doors come in a huge range of styles, shapes and sizes, so pick the ones that suit your home and they will age with your property without becoming out of date, style wise.  If you want to keep your original wooden doors but they are in a bit of a sorry state, then why not save money by getting them dipped and stripped?  Unless you’re up for a real festive work out to burn off all of those mince pies and then you could do it yourself, but take this as your warning…it’s blumming hard work!



One of the easiest period features to achieve is to add ceiling roses, coving, cornicing, dado or picture rails – you have a lot of choice and in some houses, a lot of decisions to make.  Some of these options you can do yourself such as the coving and ceiling roses, using polyurethane resin for example, because it is a light material and they are easy to fit.  But if you decide on plaster designs then we suggests that you leave these to the professionals.



Period flooring, whether it’s stone or wood is expensive so this is not an option which is accessible to everyone.  So what are your other options?  Well, there is the modern wooden flooring, but it rarely looks like the real thing.  Stone, however, is much easier for you to replicate at home.  What is a really nice way of creating another period feature in your house is by using modern encaustic tiles, which replicate Victorian tiles incredibly well.  There are companies who lay them for you and also companies who specialise in laying tiles in very intricate designs which you can have designed yourself if you have a creative mind or a pattern you would like to recreate, perhaps from another part of the house or from a floor which used to be there.  This is a fabulous feature, which will not date and a great way of making your house unique to you!


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