The Tell-Tale Signs of Rot in Wooden Windows and Doors

Rotten WallMost people know that there are two types of rot – wet and dry rot, but it isn’t always known what causes each type or what to do if either of this rotten pair are obtained.

The Common Cold of the Rot World in Timber Frames

Wet rot is caused by a fungus called Coniophora Puteana and is the most common sort of rot, but thankfully the least serious.  It occurs when the wood is damp but it does remain in one place which means that it is containable and therefore treatable.  Wet rot commonly occurs in timber that is frequently exposed to moisture, so the exterior of wooden windows, timber bathroom windows or doors and wooden windows and doors that have flaked, cracked or chipped paint.  However, wet rot can occur even when the paintwork appears to have no imperfections.   You are able to tell if your timber frames have damp rot by pressing on them in the supposedly affected area and if the wood feels soft, spongy or starts crumbling, you can decipher that there is wet rot in the timber.  Having worked out that your wooden window frame or door has wet rot, make sure that water is prevented from re-contacting and re-entering the timber again and get in touch with us at Oracle Window Solutions.

Spores on the Doors

Dry rot is caused by Serpula Lacrymans (fungus).  It is much less common but is much more destructive and typically, hard to spot!  It spores in damp areas which lack or have limited ventilation, so areas like floorboards or under wooden stairs.  Dry rot needs to be treated quickly and must not be left because the spores travel so quickly.  It will affect the whole buildings structure if left untreated, and scarily, not just wood either but walls, too.  So the signs to look out for are cuboidal cracking, a musty odour and mushroom-like growths which are often white-ish grey.  But at their most dangerous they are an orange-brown colour and the spores show resemblance to brick dust.  To treat dry rot, the source of the damp must first be found.  But treating the dry rot is not a simple DIY job, as removing the affected wood results in the dangerous spores being spread and the problem being cast further afieldSo, the best thing to do is call in the professionals at Oracle Window Solutions and we can solve the problem for you.

Wooden Windows and Doors from Oracle Window Solutions

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