Wooden Windows for Period Properties and Houses in Conservation Areas

wood windows derbyAs suppliers and installers of wooden windows, Oracle Windows are well rehearsed in the information regarding the replacement of windows in period properties, including those in conservation areas. If you’re looking to replace your existing windows with wooden windows and are worried about meeting regulations, have a read of our information on the process that should make it that little bit easier.

First Steps to Replacement Wooden Windows

Before replacing the windows on your property in a conservation area, you need to check with your local authority’s conservation officer because rules do vary from one area to another. It’s also important that you check with your local council too, as you may need planning permission. For example, if there is an Article 4 direction in place, you will definitely need planning permission to change the windows.

Wood is an incredibly attractive and strong material that has been used in construction for generations. It’s also a fantastic choice of material for replacement windows; plenty of advances have been made in the treating and finishing of wood meaning that it has a long lifespan and few maintenance requirements. One of the woods we commonly use for our wooden windows is Redwood Heartwood, which contains a chemical resistance to wood-rotting fungi. Like all the timbers we use to manufacture windows, it is a stable base for top quality coatings which guarantee long life and low maintenance.

Box Sash Windows and Spiral Balance Sliding Sash Windows

Suited to period properties and houses within conservation areas, our wooden double glazed sash windows can be specially designed to match the originals. In fact, our traditional box sliding sash wooden window is based on the design that we have been making for over 100 years.

Here at Oracle, we offer two types of sliding sash windows, which are the traditional box sash windows with cords and weights, or the more modern spiral balance sliding sash window. Our standard design looks almost identical to an original Victorian window but has exceptional weather performance, is free from rattles, and will last for decades with minimum maintenance.

If you live in a conservation area and would like to replace your existing windows with timber windows that will perfectly suit your property and be in keeping with the area you live in, contact Oracle Window Solutions on 01623 631 116 or email sales@oraclewindowsolutions.com. To see examples of our work, please visit the gallery of wooden windows and doors on our website by clicking here.