Conservatories, Orangeries and Lantern Roofs

As specialist suppliers and installers of timber windows and doors, Oracle Window Solutions naturally offer our customers the highest standards of conservatories, orangeries and lantern roofs.

wooden-timber-conservatories-orangeries-lantern-roofs-1Wooden conservatory frames

Our wooden conservatory frames usually feature our Flush Casement or Stormproof windows, and our roofs give the highest level of performance as well as looking fantastic.



We have a varied selection of authentic period style aluminium components that can be finished in any colour to complement the style of your home. Our wooden conservatory frames can also combine a natural internal timber veneer which can be painted and stained just like ordinary timber.

Automatic roof lights

Wooden conservatory frames from Oracle Window Solutions can also be fitted with opening rooflights that can be operated manually with a pole, or automatically by rain and heat sensors. Provided the electrical work is carried out by a qualified person, we can also supply a wall mountable switch to operate them.

wooden-timber-conservatories-orangeries-lantern-roofs-2Self Cleaning Anti Sun Glass

The roof glass used in our wooden conservatories, orangeries and lantern roofs is high performance Low E, Self Cleaning Anti Sun Safety glass. The glass combines self cleaning properties with improved solar performance for a cooler environment inside.

The glass works by using sunlight to break down organic dirt that may collect on it over the course of time. The special coating on the glass reacts with sunlight to break down organic surface dirt. When it rains and the water hits the glass, the rain doesn’t form droplets, but spreads evenly to form sheets and run off the glass. As the water runs off the glass, it takes any surface dirt with it.

For more information about the conservatories, orangeries and lantern roofs available at Oracle Window Solutions and how we can help to create a dream addition to your home, visit our website or call us on 01623 631 116 to make an appointment to see our showroom.