Why Is It Important to Have Internally Beaded Windows?

The experts opinion!

“Externally beaded windows are less secure than internally beaded windows, you can remove the beads from the outside and take the glass units out.

Also, the part of a wooden window that suffers most from the weather is the bottom bead. After rainfall, water is likely to collect and sit here.

Therefore, if you do not have any external beads then the water simply runs off the glass onto the frame and away. This adds to the longevity of the finished coating too!

It is also important that an internally beaded window has a drained and vented system of glazing to ensure a long life for the glass units.

As an experienced window company, all our replacement wooden windows and doors have this, and carry a 10 year warranty on sealed glass units.”

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2 thoughts on “Why Is It Important to Have Internally Beaded Windows?

  1. Yes it is easy to remove the glass from externally beaded windows – if there isn’t any security tape fitted or if the windows has not been sealed into place.

    However, “Billy the burglar” isn’t going to spend time fiddling with glazing beads to neatly take the glass out. He’ll either attack the hinge/locking system or put a brick through the window!

    Drained & vented also works well with externally glazed and you can even add a hooded bottom drip to throw the water running off the pane further away from the sash.

    As with most things in life there are pro’s and con’s for both options.

    • I agree, there are pro’s and con’s yes.

      I do know of instances where a burglar has taken the beads out rather than make a lot of noise in breaking the windows. The issue with externally beaded drained systems is that they use a “hooded bottom bead” that is nothing like the original windows, and look like modern “Scandinavian” type windows. By not having an external bead, hooded or not, there is no bead to hold the water.

      It’s really important to our customers that our internally beaded system will also look like the original windows. We are often told by satisfied customers that the new windows look just like the old ones, which is exactly what we are trying to achieve!

      We also had an instance earlier this year with one of our clients having an attempted break in by trying to break the locks on four frames at the rear of their house. They caused damage to all four windows (that we were able to them repair as good as new) but they did not gain entry. They went next door and broke in through the externally beaded windows, the first they tried!

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