Wooden Windows – the Environmentally Responsible Choice

Did you know that your choice of window frames could directly affect the health of our planet?

Did you know that your choice of window frames could directly affect the health of our planet?

Did you know that your choice of window frames could directly affect the health of our planet?

This may sound like a tall claim, but according to a report by Green Peace, windows made from unplasticised polyvinyl chloride (PVC-u) have a pretty damaging effect on the environment die to the harsh chemicals used when they are manufactured. In fact, many of these chemicals are actually the subject of international conventions to ban them!

With this in mind, it seems that choosing wood over PVC-u is definitely the more environmentally responsible choice when replacing your windows or doors. After all, timber is a natural and sustainable resource, whereas the production and disposal of PVC-u windows leads to the release of highly poisonous chemicals which threaten both environmental and human health.

Why Choose Wooden Windows over PVC-u

While there is a lot of marketing ‘spin’ advocating for PVC-u windows, the claims made aren’t necessarily true. Many people may be under the impression that PVC-u windows require less maintenance than wooden ones, or indeed that they in fact last longer.

This isn’t actually the case. With timber finishing products becoming more and more sophisticated, the reality is that wooden windows can actually have a longer life than PVC-u windows, not to mention requiring a lot less maintenance. Modern wood waterproofing and finishing treatments are sophisticated enough now that sights like peeling and blistering paint is a thing of the past.

Also, while the initial cost of installing PVC-u windows may be cheaper than opting for wood initially, the required maintenance for PVC-u could end up costing much more than wood throughout the life of the product. This is worth thinking about if you’re likely to let initial cost be the deciding factor when replacing your windows or doors.

We believe that opting for original timber windows over PVC-u is not only the responsible choice, but the smart choice. Wooden windows are a better financial investment in the long run as they will remain thermally efficient and aesthetically pleasing for decades to come. And, of course, wooden windows and doors add value to your home!

Our modern wooden windows are made from sustainably sourced timber, of an exceptionally high standard and quality, and will last for decades.

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Top Tips for House Renovations

paint-wood-wooden-windows-oracleAre you moving in to a new home or want to ‘do up’ your current house?  Well, here are some quick top tips as to how to undertake what is often an overwhelming ordeal.

Firstly, it may seem obvious but it is incredibly often overlooked – the basic must be undertaken first.  Don’t plaster and paint if you know that the rewiring needs doing – you will end up having to do the plastering and painting twice and it will cost you twice as much money.  So the key here is to get the basic jobs done first, the ones you often can’t see and sometimes do forget but they are usually necessities.  These includes are such as wiring, central heating, roof repairs, structural problems, damp and having new wooden windows put in.

Secondly, start from the top of your house with the changes and repairs and work your way downward.  If you are converting the loft, this will add value to your home but make sure you then sort out the rooms below after its completion and not beforehand otherwise all of your hard work will be destroyed, filthy and covered in dust.  Paint a room in the same way too.  Start by painting the ceiling and working your way down, then it doesn’t matter if any paint splatters on to the walls from your brush.

Thirdly, a very concise point – extensions add money.  Often Victorian and Edwardian properties have narrow strips of garden which are often now used as extensions, creating larger kitchens with wooden French doors or leading out in to the garden.

Making your home an open plan living space, fourthly, will increase the saleable value of your house if you decide to sell.  Open plan living space or high on the list of wants for buyers, both for families and people who enjoy frequent entertaining.  Open plan kitchen and living spaces are most certainly an asset.

Lastly, the more bedrooms the better!

Wonderful Wood Windows For You

Our top tip for you is windows related.  If you are having new wood windows they are usually primed when they are put in but if you’re painting them yourself, don’t just add one layer but paint them with multiple layers of paint.  Use a good external undercoat and topcoat post painting.  If you are painting your wooden windows on a cold day then it is best to use a water based undercoat because it will dry a lot quicker and more easily than an oil based paint.

Wooden Doors and Oracle Window Solutions

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Can Solar Panels be created from Wood?

wood-wooden-windows-solar-panels-oracleWe know that wooden windows exist and work well but it is currently being discussed as to whether wood can be used for solar panels too.  Wood is an economical, renewable material which is great for construction work, but have you ever seen transparent wood?  Researchers at Stockholm’s Royal Institute of Technology have developed this new material. Not only have they done that but they have also found a method of producing their transparent wood material en mass.  However, it was initially developed for microscopic studies of wood anatomy, but have been proven to act as great solar cell material.  This is due to them being low-cost, renewable and readily available, which are obviously all important factors when large surface areas need to be covered with this new variation of solar cells.

Why Wood?

Using wood is great and is loved by not only contractors but also by property owners, too.  Wooden windows are being used worldwide and the market for them is growing continually.  It is therefore really exciting that there is a new wooden product heading towards our construction market.  Contractors are excited to work with different types of wood in different aspects, too.  This is due to wood being the most used bio-based material in construction.  It is preferred by many due to its characteristics, including its mechanical properties, strength, low density, low thermal density and toughness.  It will be very exciting to watch this space and see what other wooden products will be joining wooden windows in our properties over the years to come.

Do you want Wooden Windows?

Wooden windows are always aesthetically pleasing no matter what style of window you choose – whether it is a wooden sash box windows or wood flush casement windows.  All timber windows can be designed and made to meet your specific requirements.  This makes them even more attractive adding value to your property.  If they are treated correctly, wooden windows can and will last for centuries, needing very little maintenance.  Using modern manufacturing methods and high spec glazing, wooden windows are weather tight, secure, high thermal performers, perform well relating to energy ratings and u values and the timbers can be stained literally any colour to fit in with you colour scheme.

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To Re-Glaze or not to Re-Glaze – That is the Question!

spiral-balance-sliding-sash-wooden-windowsMany properties across the country have sash windows which are a beautiful sight to see.  But with them being traditional, they are double glazed and therefore have a little issue with heat loss.  But never fear.  This is not the case with general timber sash windows.

Timber Sash Windows

The first thing to do to prevent heat loss is replace the single glazing with double glazing which will immediately warm your room and your house.  They will trap heat when you turn the heating on or light the fire and they will also prevent the drafts from entering from around the sides of your windows.  Though a little more expensive, what would benefit you even more is not by having your single glazed windows double glazed, but instead by having new sash windows fitted.  This is a much more efficient method in the long run of insulating your house.  This is down to the distance between the two panes of glass which should be minimal if the insulation is to be greater.  It is impossible for the distance between the two glass panes to be as small in re-glazed windows than it is to with new double glazed sash windows due to the inert gas which is between the two panes, improving energy efficiency.  This is usually Argon.

The Lifespan of the Wooden Window

A huge proportion of people wanting to replace or re-glaze their wooden windows, have properties from the 19th and 20th century, which makes it obvious how long timber windows can last for.  Yes, they need a little looking after through painting or varnishing, in order to avoid them rotting.  But with a little love from you now and again, they will return the favour and efficiently keep you warm and draft free for many decades to come.  This is a huge difference to that of uPVC windows which will last around only 10 years.

Wooden Doors and Oracle Window Solutions

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Are Wooden Conservatories Just for Summer?

wooden-timber-conservatories-orangeries-lantern-roofsWooden conservatories are not only functional but are aesthetically pleasing, too.  Made out of natural material, they are environmentally friendly and match the look of any aged property.  But what else do you need to know if you are considering a wood conservatory in preparation for summer?  Or any other time of year for that matter?

Wooden Positioning

It is the norm that conservatories are connected to that back of a house.  But there is absolutely nothing from preventing you from having a wooden conservatory erected on to the side of your house if it is in a position which catches more sun.  The best positioned conservatory is that which faces south!  The position of your conservatory makes a huge difference as to how long you can use it for and how often you can use it, so make the position your priority!  Just so that you are aware, a conservatory which is east facing only gets morning sun, west facing is cool in the morning and hot at the end of the day and a north facing conservatory must be angled so that it does not get overheated on a hot summer’s day.

Wood and…?

Some conservatories are made out of brick and glazing but if you are wanting a garden room instead, then walls can be made higher so that you are able to add radiators with much greater ease.  Also, this is much better for insulation purposes as there is more surface area for trapping heat.  Portable heaters are not a good long term solution and central heating isn’t a particularly economical heating method.  A recommendation for the most effective, economical heating method is electric underfloor heating.  Not only does it heat the floor but the warmth rises upwards, thus heating the room.  This is the perfect solution if there is no room for radiators or your conservatory needs a little help if it is not south facing but you wish for it to have frequent use.  Another insulation method is that of blinds, perfect for insulating during winter.  But not only do they insulate, they also help cool down your conservatory during the summer, preventing you from overheating.  Heat equilibrium aside, conservatory blinds create privacy in your conservatory, reduce the amount of glare and protect your soft furnishing so that they do not get faded from the sun’s rays.

Wooden Doors and Oracle Window Solutions

If you are interested in obtaining a new wooden conservatory to add more living space to your home, then why not get in touch with us, here at Oracle Window Solutions.  We are a reputable, professional and friendly company based in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, and we will help you to find the perfect solution for your home.  Call us today on 01623 631 116, email us at sales@oraclewindowsolution.comor alternatively you can click here to follow the direct link to look at our full range of wooden conservatories at a time to suit you.

Timber Windows Popularity on the Incline

flush-casement-windows-oracle-window-solutionsIndependent research recently carried out has shown that the timber window market in the UK is experiencing increased growth.  The research has been undertaken by Palmer Market Research, who deduced that the UK timber window market has grown by 17.1% which is 739,000 frames, since 2014, and this is said to rise continually until the earliest of 2019.  Wood, along with a timber and aluminium mix, have taken over the market share, pushing clean aside that of PVC windows.  The sale of these has declined drastically over the last couple of years.  The wooden window market has been predicted to grow by another increased 10%, reaching 811,000 wooden windows in the UK.

Who buys Wooden Windows?

It seems that as of 2016, 62% of wooden windows sold have been bought for the new build property market.  But it has been suggested that the opportunity for making the largest profits and percentage growth in the sales of timber windows is in that of the home improvement sector.  This represents just 69% of all wood windows sold in the UK.  The price for PVC windows may have remained static for the past 14 years but popularity has now shifted to the, now normally factory finished wooden windows.

Types of Wood Windows

The majority of wood window sales are taken up by casement windows which make up 58%, followed by vertical sliding sash windows making up 27%.  Flush casement windows have gained their name due to the fact that the face of the sash is flush with the face or the outer frame.  Sliding sash windows are fitted to where the outer edge of brick or stone work is covered by the outside skin of brick or stone work.  This creates a visual illusion that the frame is much smaller than it actually is externally.  Sliding sash windows can be fitted internally saving a great deal of hassle and mess.

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Choose a new Wooden Door for Your Home

wood-door-wooden-doors-oracleThere are lots of options when it comes to choosing a new front door for your home.  Of course, you want to protect your family and your possessions, but is there more to it than that?  This article highlights the benefits of wooden doors, UPVC doors and composite doors, as well as giving you some top tips for longevity, maintenance and modern fixtures.

Wooden Doors

These are solid and natural looking front doors which have a style that can fit in with the aesthetics of any house, because they are available in styles both traditional and modern to suit you.  Paint them to match your house and blend in, by using varnish or stain, or even make them stand out and make them more of a feature.  Wood doors are environmentally friendly and are easily replaceable should you need to do so, because you do not have to remove the entire frame as they are generally a standard size, so only minor adjustment may need to be made.

More than Wood Doors

UPVC and composite doors are also an options if you are in need of a new front door.  UPVC doors do not need a great deal of maintenance and they usually come as part of a set, along with the frame and locking system.  The frame must be fitted in to a brickwork opening which almost always (unless you are lucky enough to live with one!) requires a professional to fit it.  If you are replacing a UPVC door, you must remember what size set you have, as there are many and if you buy a set that is too big, it cannot be trimmed down.

Composite doors are similar to UPVC doors in many ways – they are low maintenance, too, and usually come as a set.  However, they are more expensive as they have a more advanced locking system built in to them.  But some people think that paying a little extra is worth it as the door fittings are usually pre-installed, so it saves them a job!

Long live the Wooden Door

Generally, the average front door, no matter what it is made out of, last between 10 and 30 years.  It often surprises people when they find out that the lifespan of wooden doors are just as great as that of UPVC and composite doors, even in harsh areas, such as coastal environments – but it’s true, they are!  They may need a little help here and there, but they are most definitely up to the challenge!

If you are not wanting to replace your entire wooden door but are just wanting to modernise your look, then wood is the only type of door you are able to achieve this with.  This is because you can remove any screws and add new, modern and contemporary fixtures to your wood door to give it a revamp without having to replace your whole door.  This is a much cheaper option and it is much more fun!

Wooden Doors and Oracle Window Solutions

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Love Wooden Doors Even More and Make them Secure!

wooden-door-security-wood-doors-oracleNot only do wooden doors look great aesthetically, they are also a lot better and easier to secure to make your home safer for you and your family.  UPVC doors are not!  Here are our top 5 ways as to how you can make yourselves even safer with your wooden doors.

  1. Wooden doors are great if you are a home DIYer, but if you aren’t sure or don’t feel you are competent enough, then get in contact with a locksmith or a carpenter. Door chain fitting can be a simple but most effective security measure, as can a peephole.  But what is really essential is as high a quality British Standard lock as you can get your hands on.  Ideally, what you need are two locks – a dead-latch cylinder lock and a five-lever mortice deadlock.  Buy the best lock you can afford but if in doubt, check your home insurer as they will have a minimum standard to protect you.
  2. If you are wanting to prevent burglars from forcing and entering by forcing the door frame, make sure that the door frame is screwed tightly and securely or bolted to the walls surrounding it. This can be made even stronger by fitting special bars to make the locking points and hinges sturdier.  If your wooden door opens outwards, you should have hinge bolts fitted to prevent it from being forced off its hinges.
  3. If you have an inner and an outer door, do not relax on the security front on the inner door!
  4. For homes with wooden doors at the back of the house, these should have a British Standards five-lever mortice sash lock. On back doors especially, it is also a good idea to have a secondary security like a mortice rack, security bolts or surfaced-mounted press bolts.
  5. Paint! Bet you didn’t think about paint being a security measure did you?  Painting your exterior wooden doors is for aesthetics but not solely for this purpose.  It protects the wood (especially during winter and any particularly wet spell).  The idea is that the wooden door is painted or varnished on all of the exposed surfaces making sure that both te top and the bottom have been covered, too, even though you can’t necessarily see them.  To do this properly, the door really needs to be taken off its hinges.  If the your wooden door is not protected, is not protected in the right way  or is not protected in the correct areas, then the elements take hold – water seeps in leading to wet rot, warping and your door being insecure.  How so?  Well, warping causes locks to misalign and wet rot causes you to have problems shutting the door correctly and also will be a lot easier for burglars to break in through or lever off the hinges if there is no strength left in the wood.

Protect yourself, your family and your home by protecting your wooden door!

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Warm Up this Winter with Wooden Windows

View of bench against christmas tree and shining lantern through snowing. Night shot.

December, admittedly, was incredibly mild for the time of year, but January’s temperature has dropped significantly across the country.  We are now reminded what winter really feels like with just how much the bills are costing us to keep warm post-Christmas.  We aren’t suggesting that you clamber up in to your freezing cold attic and start adding insulation or begin weather stripping every door and window in the house (though these would definitely would help your energy bills!) but here are some smaller, quicker but often over looked ideas to help in the meantime…

Let there be Light!

Have a think about which lights are used the most often in your house.  Then take out the light bulbs and replace them with energy saving bulbs.  This will save you a minimum of £52 (on average) just by using 5 LEDs and the more bulbs you change, the more money you will save.  What’s also brilliant is the fact that LEDs rarely need changing either so you will be saving money on lightbulbs, too.  What’s not to love?

Programme that Thermostat!

If you are in a routine, like most of us are, working 9am to 5pm, working late on certain days, out on a Saturday night etc.  then a programmable thermostat could be a great way for you to save money. You can programme them to match your movements during the day, week and month and because of this, you can save an incredible 10% minimum on your heating bills.  What’s the point in the heating being on at home, if you’re still sat behind your desk at work?  Zoned heating will also be beneficial as there will be areas of any home that are used less frequently than others, such as guest bedrooms, so why not have the heating programmed turned off in there until you have visitors.  No need to waste heat and money if no one is utilizing that space – save your money and do something fun at the weekend with it instead!

Open Wide!

Open those curtains and make the sun work for youSolar energy is a lot more powerful than often we give it credit for on a winters day, so curtains open when the suns up and curtains drawn when the sun is down.  Trap that heat!  Non draughty windows help this cause massively, too, and can lower energy bills by up to 15%.  The best windows for trapping heat are wooden windows.  Not only do they trap heat but they are also great for keep the draughts out as well, if they are fitted by a professional company, such as Oracle Window Solutions.

Out with the old, in with the new!

This is not a cheap ideal, but it will help you see a noticeable difference in your energy bills.  The idea is that appliances that are over a decade old or are not functioning properly are not energy efficient and therefore should be replaced to be efficient.  Appliance account for over 20% of the average electricity bill, so it would be beneficial to take advantage of this knowledge and get things replaced if you know they are either old or misbehaving.  Newer washing machines and dishwashers, for example, don’t only use less energy but also use less water, too, so your water bill would decrease visibly, also.

Oracle Wooden Window Solutions and You

If you would like wooden windows or wooden doors adding to your home to reduce energy bills and increase the warmth in your home, then why not get in touch with us here at Oracle Window Solutions today.  Call us today on 01623 631 116, email us at sales@oraclewindowsolution.com or alternatively you can click here to be taken directly to our website.

The Flood and the Wood


You will all have seen the news regarding the recent flooding in the North of England and there is great debate as to what can be done to prevent this devastation from occurring again.  The latest article we have read was an interesting read for us, as it was written regarding investing in inventive infrastructure projects which seemed to include wooden windows.

Wooden Windows in the News

In the article addressed above, it was questioned whether all new homes should be fitted with wooden windows as opposed to plastic framed windows which need renewing more frequently.  This is due to the fact that plastic degenerates a lot faster than wood and cannot be repainted in order to add an extra layer of protection to increase longevity.  In comparison, as long as wooden frames are well cared for, they can and do, last for decades if they are well maintained and by well maintained, we just mean repainted every few years – Simple, really!

Eco-friendly Wooden Windows

Plastic windows need replacing more often than wooden windows but aren’t ecologically friendly due to their makeup and the length of time it takes for them to break down.  Did you know that plastic windows reduce your glass area by a minimum of 10% in comparison to wooden windows too, and they never look right in period buildings so, we are definitely in favour of using wooden windows whenever and wherever possible.

Why Wonderful Wooden Windows?

They are aesthetically pleasing, they are environmentally friendly and they are great at trapping the heat.  They may be a little more expensive than UPVC windows but if they last longer, it’s definitely worth it!  Wooden windows can alter the feeling of a house, internally and externally, adding to the value of your house, making your house noticeably more energy efficient and giving it a much more homely feel.  So, really, what’s not to like?  The colour of the frames perhaps, but that can be sorted easily with paint of your choice, making them very unique to you and your family.  There is nothing that wooden windows cannot handle.

Wooden Windows and Oracle Window Solutions

If you are interested in wooden windows and wooden doors, then why not get in touch with us here at Oracle Window Solutions?  We are based in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, but service Lincolnshire, Derbyshire, South Yorkshire, East Midlands and Nottinghamshire, too.  With over 35 years experience we have developed a great reputation for our wooden windows and wooden doors and would love for you to share our passion for them, too.  Call us today on 01623 631 116, email us sales@oraclewindowsolutions.com or click here to go directly to our website to find out more about what we can do for you.